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*Especially we value our Client’s safety and privacy. We consider any information, provided to us by the Clients’ registration forms or e-mail enquiries and etc., private. We use the received information for the following purposes: answering Your enquiries, adapting the online store to Your need, developing our services as well as the communication between us and the Client. As we are seeking to provide You services of a higher class, we send you pieces of information on ordering and delivering the items, moreover, we provide you with some promotional material, but that is only if we get Your permission.

Private information can only be revealed when it is stated so in the legal acts *of Republic of Lithuania, or in case of necessity to protect “Stiklo paslaptis” rights and property. All the information about our registered  users or buyers is absolutely confidential, therefore there is no possibility for the third parties to involve. If You have any additional questions about privacy and safety, please contact us by e-mail info@stiklopaslaptis.lt and we will do our best to answer them

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