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The delivery price is indicated in the shopping cart. Our items are far from standard, therefore the delivery price varies according to the size and weight of the item.

We try to deliver You the items as soon as possible. Although, here the delivery time depends on Your delivery choice.

1.If You pay via mokejimai.lt system, we receive the payment within 1 hour.

2.If You pay through current account of “Stiklo paslaptis” in DnB Nord Bank before 3 p.m., we receive the payment by the end of the day.

Your order is confirmed by an e-mail. It is important to know, that the order is only confirmed when “Stiklo paslaptis” receives Your payment for the item.

*In case You choose to receive the delivery directly from the galleries of “Stiklo paslaptis” in Vilnius- Didzioji str. 38, Domininkonu str. 14, or Kaunas- Medeksines str. 26, just wait for our SMS, telling You that the delivery is already there waiting for You to come and get it.

In this case – *there is also a surprise gift waiting for You in the shop!

*If You choose a courier to deliver Your goods, You will get them within 7-10 work days (sometimes the exceptional deliveries might take up to 12 work days to reach You). It is important that You mark the convenient delivery time while filling in the personal information section. If there is some special code to get into Your house, it is important to put it down in the special remark section.

*Important! The orders are formed and sent only when the whole payment is received.

*Important! The parcel is considered to be delivered only when the Customer or his representative receive the batch and confirm it with a signature. The Customer must check all the packages of the parcel in front of the courier. If the packages are damaged in any way, the Customer must indicate the damages both in the delivery confirmation form and Package breach act.

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